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Helicopter Air Ambulance

When each minute counts when transporting a seriously ill patient, the flexibility a helicopter air ambulance provides can be significant, enabling patients to reach their home hospital as fast as possible. Helicopter air ambulances are often used for short flights since they have the unique ability to land directly at a hospital.

Helicopter air ambulances are also quicker and more convenient compared to ground ambulances.

Our air ambulance helicopters are equipped with the latest medical equipment and are deployed along with experienced medical personnel. This ensures the flight is as safe and as comfortable as possible for the patient.

Intensive Care Transport by Ambulance Helicopter

To provide optimum care for patients, medevac helicopters (e.g. EC 135, EC 145, AS 365 ‘Dauphin’) are fitted with permanently installed intensive care equipment that can be extended and modified, if required. A highly qualified team of physicians will accompany the patient to ensure a safe flight.

Standard Equipment in an Ambulance Helicopter

Every medevac helicopter carries standard intensive care equipment, including the following:

  • Scoop stretcher with vacuum mattress and patient warming system
  • Emergency rucksack with special equipment for child and baby care
  • Portable intensive care transport respirator
  • Oxygen
  • Infection protection sets
  • Artificial respiration bag with demand valve and vacuum pumps
  • Equipment for monitoring blood pressure, temperature and blood oxygen levels
  • Defibrillator, external pacemakers, injection pumps, and pressure infusion bags.

Patient Transfer by Helicopter Air Ambulance

For patients who do not need intensive care support but who need to be accompanied by medical staff, we provide fully equipped ambulance helicopters staffed by highly qualified personnel. Our helicopter ambulance service is especially suitable for shorter routes, e.g. within a country, and ensures a quick, patient-friendly transfer.

Furthermore, our operations centre operates 24 hours a day, and an air ambulance can be available an hour after calling us.

In addition to inter-hospital transfers by helicopter, we also arrange medevac by ambulance aircraft, ensuring a safe, speedy journey home for the patient.

We offer comprehensive transfer services of ambulance flights by helicopter or plane, always as comfortably and as safely as possible.

Medical Air Ambulance: Here for You

Our experienced staff are available 24 hours a day and can organise a medical evacuation helicopter within an hour of you calling us. Whether we are arranging transport by ambulance plane or by ambulance helicopter, we always offer the same personal support, since the welfare of our patients is very important to us.

We don’t just organise the medical side of the transport; we also communicate with foreign authorities, such as consulates or embassies, and with doctors at the hospital.

Every patient transfer begins with a free consultation.

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Airport Data

General information

Location: Korça

Class: ---

AoE: No


IATA: ---


Direction: Length/Surface

01/19: 2278 x 84 m Grass

Local Time / Timezone

05:55, 07.11.2020 (UTC +1)
Central European Time

Sunrise: 06:13

Sunset: 16:28

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